Master Gardeners of the Ozarks

Extension Volunteers serving Stone & Taney Counties

Garden Grant Program

The Master Gardeners of the Ozarks (MGO) may provide the availability of grant funds for gardening projects that support this mission statement:

The Mission of the University of Missouri Extension Master Gardener volunteer program is to provide horticultural information and training to the gardening public based on proven research specific to the local climates, soils and plants.”

NOTE: At no time shall Master Gardener activities be associated with commercial activities or products.

Garden Grant Guidelines

Garden grant application requests must be submitted in writing by members of the Master Gardeners of the Ozarks (MGO) on the current official grant application form. The current form is available on the website at and it is available through the Stone County Extension Office at 417-357-6812. The grant application form must be received at the Stone County Extension Office by email or USPS by February 1 of the grant year.

The MGO Grant Committee will review all applications and make recommendations based on the strength of the application in supporting the MGO Mission. The grant application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to the mission statement with emphasis on education and training
  2. Beautification and development of community gardens
  3. Feasibility of completing the project within the proposed timeline
  4. Water availability to implement and continually maintain the project scope
  5. Adequate active MG members to support the size of the project and maintain ongoing support
  6. A proposed project design with garden description(s) and layout(s) with detailed cost estimates
  7. A location that is either a non-profit or not-for-profit in either Stone or Taney county
  8. No equipment (power garden tools, rakes, shovels, hoses etc) or food will be approved

The Grant Committee recommendations will be submitted to the MGO Executive Committee by the end of February and presented to the MGO membership for approval at the March meeting. The MGO Grant Committee chair or the current MGO President will provide each grant applicant feedback and grant acceptance status prior to the March MGO membership meeting.

The approved grant funds must be used by December 31 of the grant year and any monies not spent will be returned to the MGO Grant Fund account. Reimbursement for project approved items must have an invoice or receipt labeled with the garden project name and submitted to the MGO Treasurer. Missouri State sales taxes will not be reimbursed. Obtain a copy of the tax exempt status form from the Stone County Extension Office.

Grant Application Submission Process:

  1. Obtain the current official Grant Application form
  2. Complete the application. Include additional pages of supporting documentation if necessary.
  3. Submit the Application to the Stone County Extension office: Phone # 417-357-6812.The application must be received by February 1 to be considered.
    1. Email application & digital photos to or
    2. USPS application & photos to:

                     Stone County Extension Office

                     PO Box 345

                     Galena MO 65656

Grant Application Progress and Closure Requirements:

  1. A verbal progress report must be presented by the project leader at the June and November MGO membership meetings.

  2. A final written grant closure report must be submitted to the Stone County Extension office by December 31 via email or USPS. The final grant closure report must include a copy of the original project estimates and actual project expenditures along with the before and after photos of the project outlining the project scope and accomplishments.

Download, fill out and submit the Grant Application to apply.

MGO Garden Grant Application Form