Master Gardeners of the Ozarks

Extension Volunteers serving Stone & Taney Counties

Annual Report

Master Gardener Total Impact:

For 2019, the Master Gardeners of the Ozarks fulfilled their commitment to take on high-impact and ambitious projects. A total of 4,448 hours were reported in 2019 by fifty-three master gardeners who served the entire year and reported. They reported making 1,444 contacts with persons in the community in 2019. The first-year Master Gardeners are required to provide 30 hours of service and seasoned master gardeners are only required to provide 20 hours. This year the master gardeners each averaged 84 hours of service. According to the latest figures from the Independent Sector organization, the hourly wage for Missouri volunteer hours currently is $23.96. If you put a value on the education and service hours provided to the community, the value totals $106,574 worth of volunteer time! Tim Schnakenberg served as advisor for the master gardener activities in the Stone and Taney County area. Continuing education is in important part of volunteer service. The master gardeners reported 973
hours of continued education this year (average of 18 hours per person)

 Master Gardeners Annual Report 2019

Tim Schnakenberg

Tim is the Agronomy Specialist/County Program Director
Stone County Extension Center, University of Missouri Extension

“Gardening has become an important activity of many Southwest Missourians. Gardening is an excellent way to beautify our landscape and provide a healthy activity for the homeowner. It also is a huge industry in our region and impacts water quality.”

To help address the general horticulture and gardening needs of the public, a thriving Master Gardener program is present in Stone and Taney Counties. Master Gardeners are University of Missouri trained volunteers who assist with organized horticulture education programs for the gardening public.